14 Carrot Cafe

2305 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

14 Carrot Cafe in Seattle, WA

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2305 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 324-1442

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2305 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

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seattleexperimenter 2012-03-30

My favorite breakfast spot in Eastlake!

missdarleeen 2010-07-04

I recently visited 14 Carrot Cafe while in Seattle and loved it. My friend suggested the place and hyped it up so much that I wasn't sure what to expect. I am here to say that it lived up to the hype. The food was flavorful, service was friendly and the prices were very reasonable. I had the standard Two Eggs breakfast with bacon and felt it was the best bacon I've had in a long time. My friend ordered the sourdough pancakes and shared them with me. They melt in your mouth! A third friend ordered one of the specialty omelets (I don't remember which one) and he also thought it was incredible. We stopped many times during our meal to say ""this is the best""! It's a family run business with a good vibe. I've already passed on a recommendation to my sister who will be moving there soon. Love it!

EastlakeLynn 2008-12-29

The long wait outside among all the smokers from the adjacent office buildings wasn't worth it - gave up and went elsewhere.

shameem 2008-07-05

My girlfriends and I went in for breakfast and I immediately thought ""stinky,kind of run down"". We stood there for a couple of minutes and no good morning, I'll be with you in a minute. It was ""you can sit any where."" The waitress looked like she literally crawled out of bed not to mention she was eating at the table across from us. She brings us our food. It wasn't good and I had a hair in it! GROSS! She did take it off of the menu which made up for the rest of the poor service. I will never eat there again and will tell people how unprofessional it was for them to send a man running out behind me asking why I didn't leave her a tip!? Who leaves a tip for poor service and hair in their food?! They need to call Restaraunt Makeover on the Food Network!!!!!!!!!!!

SeattleCritic 2008-06-17

My husband and I ate here once and will never go back. I am not a picky eater at all- I will eat most anything and be happy. When I think of this place I get nautious.....seriously. It was the most disgusting place I have ever been to. My husband got some special that was a turkey benedict. It came out with a burnt english muffin, with turkey deli meat, and a milky sauce (not hollandaise) that was all cold. I can't remember what I got, but I do remember I took 2 bites and I was done (the first time in my life not finishing my breakfast!) It was soooo bad. We still joke about it to this day because it was such a bad experience.

stuarto 2007-07-07

There is an interesting ""lost and found"" system in operation at this restaurant. I left my friend's birthday present under our table and came back two days later to find that it had indeed been found and put behind the counter. But it was no longer there. The beer (personally carried back from Australia, and unavailable in the US) had been drunk and the other items discarded. If it had been taken by another customer, well OK, but to actually have been rescued, only to have been stolen by a staff member is just a little disappointing. The food has always been a little bland, and the espresso bar outside overpriced. So I was looking for an excuse not to go back. I have asked the manager to institute a simple ""found item"" policy - it is called ""keep it for a reasonable length of time, be reasonable, and then give it to your staff"".

jdgidley 2006-07-25

Is it wrong of me to assume that here in Seattle where fresh salmon is practically a religion, when the menu says salmon benedict, they would use real salmon? The salmon benedict was made with canned salmon that tasted like the can, the salmon cakes weren't even done all the way through, they were soggy in the middle. We were there for well over 40 minutes and the waitress never came back except to give us the check, no refills on our drinks. When I asked for a to go box - so I could take my ""salmon"" home for my cat - she heaved this great sigh of exasperation, rolled her eyes like a petulant teenager, and went to get it. And the place wasn't even half full. If I were in Kansas City and I got canned salmon, I could accept that. But in Seattle, during salmon season, and at a price of $14 for breakfast, I think its reasonable to expect real salmon. And any time, any where, at any price, one should expect polite service.

electriceel 2006-07-09

I go here almost every Sunday with my boyfriend for breakfast. The girls who work there are fantastic (even when they're grumpy). They always accomodate our quirky food requests and let us order off the menu. The food is always delicious. They have perfect pancakes/ waffles/hashbrowns/ blintzes/ eggs, although I've never tried their non-breakfast foods. The only bad thing is if we get there before 1pm there is a bit of a wait.

frankiemack 2006-07-01

I used to eat breakfast at this place once a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went back a few months ago and was very unhappy with the quality of the food. I've been back twice since then and had equally unsatisfying experiences. Not only was the food quality poor, but the service was awful. I respectfully asked the waitress a clarification question about an ingredient that the menu said came in my scramble and she was less than helpful. I asked the owner the same question and she resolved the situation but only begrudgingly. I'm disappointed that a restaurant I used to love has gone so far downhill. I would recommend staying away from this one. Louisa's down the street would be a better bet... or better yet, Blue Star on 45th and Stone Way.

kth2 2006-05-07

The eggs benedict were served with a thin slice of what looked like water processed cheap-o ham, definitely not real canadian bacon and the english muffins were soggy too. The hashbrowns were unflavorful and soggy. The place wasn't even full and we didn't get any coffee refills and our waitress never checked back with us once. The rest of the wait staff seemed ho-hum and glum. There are much better breakfast places with way better food and service, I definitely won't be going back.

mlindekugel 2006-04-28

I ordered the Ceasar salad with grilled chicken. The waiter stopped by later to mention they are out of parmesean cheese and asked if I would like feta cheese. I repsonded no thank you. My salad arrives. I find tiny bits of feta. looks like they made the salad with feta before asking me and then tried to remove the feta. I sent the salad back and asked for a new salad which promplty arrived. the salad dressing is lackluster, bland, and runny. So, runny it drips off my salad back on to the plate and spashes on my suit and shirt. The sun dried tomatoes taste like squashed tomatoes with little hint of being sundried.

soonerstud 2006-01-24

If you want good made from scratch breakfasts, this is the place. Not stuffy or pretentious, just good food.

ZoOnI 2004-08-14

After having an expresso outside and waiting for a table the 14 carrot special was bland and the corn beef and hash was uneventfull. Any breakfast place in town is as good or better than the 14 carrot.

mrschn 2004-07-11

Very good food. relaxed atmosphere. There is often a crowd but if you are not in a hurry, this is an excellent place for breakfast.

seatlejock 2003-08-24

The breakfasts are prepared very well and great fresh ingredients!

mrmrs 2002-12-27

Very good food every time I have been there. Omelettes are good, daily specials excellent, something for everyone at breakfast. I return here frequently. There is often a crowd (especially on Saturday morning before a Husky game) but if you are not in a hurry, this is an excellent place for breakfast. (If you want fast get an egg mcmuffin.)

tenacious_d 2002-08-27

What breakfast joint better suits its neighborhood than the 14 Carrot? It feels like Eastlake inside. The food is fairly creative and the classics are perfect. I don't trust a place that can't get eggs benedict right, but they are consistently perfect here.

Summer3317 2002-08-20

I have gone twice now to this restaurant and both times, though the food was decent, I have received either unremarkable or horrible service. The last time that I went there we waited a good hour for our food. This was not the server's fault however. It was because there were only two servers for the entire restaurant! No one came back to check on us so when we were paying we remarked on the fact that the potatoes were cold to, I think, the owner. We were chastised for not telling anyone and then we had our credit card thrown back in our face! I will not be going back there.

sybilvane 2002-08-07

I used to live around Eastlake and would walk down to this cafe for breakfast several times a month. I liked the neighborhood-y feel, and the food was yummy and nicely priced. There is usually a wait of about 10-30 minutes to get seated though. Also, the last 2 times I visited, it took over an 90 minutes after ordering to get our food. That's just ridiculous, and I haven't been there since. Try Ozzie's instead!

panos 2002-07-27

For all you original Seattleites, this place will bring back memories of the past. Had breakfast and was very happy with selections, portions, and taste.

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14 Carrot Cafe

2305 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 324-1442

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14 Carrot Cafe

2305 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 324-1442