123 Burger Shot Beer

738 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

123 Burger Shot Beer in New York, NY

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738 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019
(212) 315-0123

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738 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019

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Cornutgirl78 2011-07-04

This bar is a big gimmick. The 2 dollar shots are a horrible mixture of something that's not liquor. The only thing good about this bar is the 3 dollar beers. I wouldnt waste my time going to this bar. Its very small and the bartender was a jerk. Save your time, go somewhere else.

amy891 2010-12-11

My first time at this burger shot place was great..although the waiting for a table is crazy. Me and a couple of friends went one day to try it out. I mean the food was okay, the shots were ok i gues for 2 dollars. and the beers are 3 dollars. I mean i would go back when i come in town again..

hotcandi 2010-11-17

i like this bar..lol.. the food it cheap beers are good.what more can i say the staff on point, especially the asian lookin one...wow love her....

Carlythedoc 2010-11-16

I love this place, especially this one waitress Ann, shes always super friendly and engages in conversation (which I love since I sometimes go alone). Good food, reasonably priced, the location is a little inconvenient, they should definetly open up more!

FMPresident 2010-11-13

I went into 123 to meet a friend and grab a beer before we bar hopped for a friends birthday, I dont think we left til 2am!.....And I think we got there at 7?! They got me with beer pong to start! Now Im in the finals for a free trip to Vegas (I won:)), Thats how I found out about the beer tubes. 30 bucks for 10 beers on tap. I am a Stella drinker and this is the best price I have seen in NYC for Stella! We ended up calling everyone to meet us here. I love my friends but I am not that rich. Being able to buy a round of shots for a group of 10 would never cross my mind on my budget but they have $2 shots!....I didnt realize 123 stood for $1 burgers, $2 shots and $3 beers!....just wanted to pass that good word along! Thanks for the good times....and thanks for letting me wake up with money left over in my pocket, thats a first :)

Shander 2010-11-10

So here's the question what else does a guy need to enjoy himself? There are hot girls in shorts, tasty mini burgers for $1. You have to order at least 3 but come on they're mini burgers you know your going to get like six any way so don't act like it’s an issue. The beer comes in a frosty glass for $3 and the shots are only $2. Then to top it off they always have sports on. So again I ask what else do I need?

2bella 2010-09-28

Me and my friends loved it . The sliders were great the drinks are cheap and the watermelon martinis were especially good . We havebeen back there 5 times this month

westisone 2010-02-26

this place sounds too good to be true with the cheap prices of shots and beer. Do not go there looking to get buzzed off of the 2$ shots, its like drinking cap fulls of JUICE! i went with a group of about ten people. it was so small and crowded in there that we had to fight for a seat/table. the music was just ok.. the company you bring makes the night...i will not be going back again.

MeganInManhattan 2010-02-02

First let's just lay out the obvious: the name translates to $1 burger sliders, $2 shots, and $3 beers. And there's no catch. Awesome! Put all of that into what can best be described as a ""trendy sportsbar"" atmosphere with fun music and I have died and gone to bar heaven. Of course there are restrictions, but for the most part the gimmick rings true and makes for one hella fun (and cheap!) night. Even at a peak time on Saturday night we were able to get a table at which to enjoy our treats. But far from deserted, 123 was still brimming with a lively but breathable crowd. Our waitress was helpful and friendly, and I'm confident enough in my sexuality to admit that she looked damn good in her uniform booty shorts. Yah, 123 has a slight Hooters thing going on in that area, but think more sporty-hot girls next door than blonde silicone bimbos. Come with friends and indulge in glorious $30 beer towers and $45 burger platters to maximize your glutton buck. Or go at them alone, I don't judge. meganinmanhattan dot com

pixie34 2010-01-05

Finally a great sports bar in Hells Kitchen. Some friends and I came here not sure what to expect and had a blast. The waitresses wear hooters type outfits and they serve anything from small nip beers to large personal taps. I suggest the 10 ounce glass of any tap beer for $3 in twos (see the deal there). The food is greasy and delicious. Sliders, waffle fries and phillys are the main attraction but there are also fried raviolis and sweet potato fries etc. Our bill was heaven considering how many people we had eating and drinking. We ended up stopping in New Years and had a blast yet again. Check it out and see for yourself (some reviewers seem to hate all that a bar like this is supposed to be). Ill definitely be back!

T Bettany 2009-10-08

My friends and I come here to watch football religiously and it's our drinking spot after our team plays every saturday. The food is excellent. Easy cheap sliders for $1 each, phillys and a variety of fries or fried ravioli. Hits the spot. Any of their draft beer is $3 a 12 ounce glass. So if you like a pricier beer like stella order 2 and do the math. Great deal. I have been here a million times and have yet to have bad service like some reviewers are complaining about. Me thinks people are more concerned with being critics than just having a real good time. Judge for yourself. Ill be the guy playing beer pong.

GCallahan 2009-09-12

This bar is horrible. They refuse to serve you water, even if you order a beer as well and make you purchase bottled water. They will only serve you tap water if you are ""very intoxicated."" Nice work encouraging responsible behavior 123. I would avoid this bar at all costs.

needadrink 2009-09-11

HORRIBLE* This bar DOES NOT serve tap water, even after you've spent your hard earned recession proof salary on their liquor and food.*Speaking of food, IT SUCKS*Speaking of SUCKING, The service SUCKS*Speaking of the service, even the manager is RUDEI will drink a 40 ounce(remember those) out of a brown paper bag before I go back to this establishment..

luv2drink 2009-09-11

This bar actually denies you the right to drink tap water..... 1st time for everything i guess. The burgers were smaller than white castle and the wings were HORRIBLE.. lets not forget the watered down shots and wine..

MsHappyHour 2009-09-11

Please dont waste your time walking or riding to 10th ave for this spot. The sliders are worst than White Castle's. The $2 shots were just lemonade. The spot was empty and we had to constantly hunt down the wait-stress. My party spent over a $100 dollars in this spot and was denied tap water. We were told they ONLY serve bottled water...WTF...never in a million years would I have thought that I would be denied FREE water in America!!!

swt290 2009-08-16

this is the place to go to if you and your friends wants to have a good time w/o emptying your pockets. There $1 burgers, fries and the rest of the food are delicious and a wide array of drinks to choose from! staff are friendly and attentive. this place never fails me down.

otoolemeredith162 2009-08-07

Came here because a few friends were raving about it, and wasn't expecting much for $1 burgers, but they were so good! I wound up eating a bunch of them before I even knew it...Set up in the restaurant is cool and fun - good looking crowd and tasty shots and beers. Wound up getting full and pretty buzzed for very little. Highly recommended!

Ebrock 2009-07-18

Went here with some friends for the game and we all had a blast. $3 beers are exceptional because you can get any kind. I drink stella which is 6-7 dollars anywhere else in the city. They are smaller mugs than other bars but the key is to order 2 at a time and there's the deal. Magic. burgers and waffle fries rocked and our server was funny (not to mention good looking in the tiny shorts haha). We will definitely be back!

astoria16 2009-07-15

Let me preface this with I have never written a review of a bar, but after last night I feel I have an obligation to put this up. Furthermore, I am a sports guy and ex-frat boy who has not met a drink priced at $3 and below that I don't like. To set the stage, 30 of us came in and were immediately forced to occupy 4 small tables because we had had the nerve to call ahead to give them a heads up that we were bringing a crowd and not making a reservation. As we approached the bar to order a drink, we were scolded because we had to order from the waitress because we now had these tables. As 30 of us could not fit at 4 tiny tables, we were rarely served as the waitresses couldn't get to everyone through our crowd on the rare occassion that they hadn't disappeared entirely. Just stand up and leave the tables you say? Walk near the bar and we got another stern talking to and they just made those of us who had to stand order from the tables as well. It felt like we were in timeout and I'm pretty sure that some of our parents were called. When we finally did manage to secede from the tables, we found that the bar service wasn't much better. If the bartender did acknowledge our presence, drinks flowed slowly and we ran the risk of a bartender accusing us of stealing another customer's seat while STANDING waiting for her to actually serve us. The said customer was then informed of our daring heist upon his return. Stop complaining and talk to the manager you say? I forgot to mention that he was one of the ones scolding us for trying to spend money at his business. In all fairness though, my friends and I have always been ahead of our time. Hats are apparently one of the seven deadly sins in this bar that describes itself as a throwback to your sorority and fraternity days and apparently the back patio closes as 9p which makes a lot of sense in the summer. You can find other great drink specials in this city - $3 half pints comes out to a $6 pint anyway and the shots are small and sugary - not that I wasn't expecting that, but given everything else it just isn't worth it. Grab your hat and avoid the walk to tenth avenue and check out one of the other city deals with servers who realize service does make some difference. I rated this one star, but zero is probably more fitting.

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123 Burger Shot Beer

738 10th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(212) 315-0123

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123 Burger Shot Beer

738 10th Ave
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(212) 315-0123